If I look back to my childhood and adolescence, I see my mother, an aunt or a grandmother of mine involved in some kind of handmade work.

My grannies with the needles under their arms knitted for me, my siblings and cousins, dozens of wool socks for the night. Two different “schools” followed, but the socks were always warm, colourful and inevitably itchy!

zia-nzina painting by craftymessymom.com
Le Tagliatelle di Zia ‘Nzina, Marzia Fa., 2007

My mother’s eldest sister, a legend for homemade egg pasta, was a very skilled knitting worker too and every winter she knitted sweaters for her family, and for some telly VIPs too!

My mother’s sister from Luxembourg continues to amaze us with her fabric or yarn creations for each and every occasion and event.

My mom’s twin sister creates elaborate and elegant crocheted centrepieces and laces, following intricate patterns in dedicated magazines. She supplied me with art materials and later she became one of my biggest art collector.

My dad’s youngest sister was my patron when I was a teenager. She gave books to inspire me, she commissioned many paintings, she supplied me with materials, especially wool and cotton yarns, from her knitwear factory, BabySara.


And finally, but most importantly, I thank my mother, to whom I owe so much. Mum was a meticulous and inspired dressmaker, she worked on commission and tailored most of our clothes when my sister and I were children. She did not throw anything away: she used to get back buttons and zips from worn out clothes, put aside scraps and fabric remnants, and collect ribbons, accessories and small decorations. She boasted of all the nuances of sewing threads. Still today, even though she is no longer here, I draw from her tailor’s “archive” with a long and nostalgic sigh.

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