Welcome Spring! We stepped into Spring with a colourful flower-themed craft using only recycled materials, in this case large pear trays and a few cardboard tubes.

Spring crafts - pear carton flowers by craftymessymom

This is our first creation made outdoor this year. A couple of weeks ago it was so warm and sunny that we absolutely had to stay outside! We started creating these multicoloured flowers in our garden, moved indoor only because our glue gun is not cordless…

We love their 3-d shape and their vibrant colours. They make us smile at every glance!

How to make a flower

The original idea is to create a 5-petal flower using the sections of moulded fibre trays of pears, that resemble petals! Don’t they?

Tools and materials

  • Pear cartons (10 sections for each flower)
  • Cardboard tube (1 for each flower)
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


1- Process Art painting

I invited my little one to freely paint the pear trays, mixing and layering shades of colours as she wished.

Pear carton flowers - painting at craftymessymom.com

2- Cutting petals

Once dried, cut the sections of the painted trays (10 sections for a single flower).

Pear carton flowers - cutting at craftymessymom.com

3- Assembling petals

Pair two sections to make a petal, gluing them at the corner, top and sides, Repeat for five times.

Pear carton flowers - a petal by craftymessymom

4- Making the flower centre

Cut the cardboard tube in two rings, one 3 cm high and the second 4 cm. To form the stamens, take the second ring, make cuts of 3 cm along the entire length, open it. Roll them up a bit.

5- Assembling the flower

Fold the pointy corner of each petal at about 2 cm. Glue the folded corner of a petal to the cardboard ring, repeat for 5 times, regularly spacing one petal to another. Fold the top edge of the ring inward and insert the stamens of the flower. Here is an amazing, chubby flower!

We made six flowers in total. We can’t decide which is the most beautiful!

Pear tray flowers by craftymessymom

Soon, they will brighten up our main window. What about your spring display?

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Spring craft - pear carton flowers by craftymessymom
Image on Pinterest

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