Outdoor craft – build a raft with sticks

Now that the weather is good enough for a day out, why don’t you put in your bag scissors and a ball of twine and collect sticks for building a small raft? We did it last Autumn, but this craft is always perfect as an outdoor activity with your children whatever the season.

Scrapbooking your child’s first two years

"The first two years adventure” is the title of the photo album I made for my little girl's second birthday. It is a scrapbook of 40 decorated sheets, containing diary pages and photos...

A family break in Barcelona – plus a Gaudì-inspired craft-activity

An idea for a child-friendly short holiday? Absolutely Barcelona! In the post I share our 5-day experience in the amazing Catalan capital with two young explorers, from travel planning to resources for engaging children during travel, plus a Gaudì-inspired craft activity with free printables. Enjoy!

Halloween Creepy Crafts

Waiting for Halloween, have fun with your children during half-term in themed craft activities, from the creation of spooky ornaments - giant pop-up castle, toilet-rolls mummies, 3D pen cobwebs - to the carving of spectral pumpkins in different sizes.

3D Disney hats frames / nameplates

Waiting for my second child, I involved my elder son in making frames decorated with Minnie bow, Goofy hat and Donald Duck headgear, simply recycling cardboard and old newspapers using the paper-mache technique. They can be used as a photo frame or a nameplate...