Last April we went to Kettle’s Yard Museum, Cambridge, and we attended a creative activity for kids. The artist Rana Begum, in her Recycled Straw Drawing video inspired us so much! Here are some creations of us made that day at the museum using drinking straws, large clear tape, coloured tape, paper and card: a skinny crab, some bracelets, a lantern/hat or something like that, a sun catcher and a much-liked colourful chain hanged as a bunting.

One day for daddy’s coming back from a conference we repurposed 200 plastic drinking straws to create a super-easy no-cut no-tape no-twine straw-bunting that we hanged as a home decoration to greet and surprise him!

Super-easy no-cut no-tape no-twine drinking straws bunting

super-easy straw bunting at craftymessymom,com

Are you curious how to create this ex-straw-rdinary bunting? This short video is for you! The audio is in “Birdish”, subtitles not available… 😉

We love using recycables to give them a second, colourful life!


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