I saw plain Mache letters at a craft shop and they immediately inspired me: covered with tissue paper with the papier mache technique (paper strips method), then decorated with ribbons, cardboard, buttons, laces – all scraps I have already at home. I made some as a little gift, I hope welcome, for the birth of five beautiful girls.

Oh-My-God! I still haven’t finished my girl’s initial, soon she will do it alone… why not? We will get right on it!

You will need

  • Papier Mache Letters – 20 cm
  • Plain tissue paper
  • Scraps (decorative papers cut-outs, ribbons, buttons, wrapping paper trimmings, salt dough decorations…)

Craft tools

  • PVA glue, glue stick
  • Paint-brushes
  • Scissors, zig zag scissors
  • Craft punches (butterfly in my case)
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Guillotine trimmer (optional)

How to make

  1. Tear stripes of tissue paper approx. 2 cm x 6 cm.
  2. Make up a mixture of PVA glue (50%) and water (50%) and apply to all surfaces of the mache letter with a brush.
  3. Apply the strips on the glued surface, overlapping strips, but apply only one layer of paper. When you have completed a single layer, let it dry. Repeat with up to three-four layers.
  4. Cover with the glue mixture and let it dry.
  5. Using more glue, decorate as your fantasy suggests!

My idea was to recreate a summer garden party: grass, flowers, butterflies and buntings. The paper bunting recalls the fabric one in my daughter’s room.

And these are our results, mine and my little one’s!

decorated mache letter E at craftymessymom.comdecorated mache letters by kids at craftymessymom.com

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Decorated mache initials - pin | craftymessymom.com