Now that the weather is good enough for a day out, why don’t you put in your bag scissors and a ball of twine and collect sticks for building a small raft? We did it last Autumn, but this craft is perfect as an outdoor activity with your children whatever the season.

Last Autumn, with the children I reached the place where their dad works. The weather was great, so I brought a packed lunch for a pic-nic. In my bag I also put a pair of scissors and a ball of twine, you know, they can always be useful! 😉


The place was spectacular: green meadows, paths, ponds, wooden bridge, Autumn-shades trees. We collected leaves of all shapes and nuances, small fruits like miniature apples, the last blackberries from a bramble, some mushrooms and lots of sticks.


With the sticks we built two small rafts. Daddy unearthed his scouting reminiscences (clove hitch and other types of knots) and used them to build the skeleton of the raft. The video shows how to make the first knot. Repeat the sequence four times, one for each corner. Then we added all the other sticks.




Here is the end result!

The children were delighted to launch their small boats in the pond. But “someone” inadvertently left the rope and both raft and whirlpool ended up in the middle of the lake. Daddy helped build a kind of harpoon which he could fetch the shipwrecked raft with, for the children’s happiness!



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