It was our first March in the UK. My son and I were looking for a lovely card for Father’s Day in the shops. We knew that here they are specialized for greeting cards for any occasion: there are dedicated shops and entire departments in supermarkets. “It is possible, Lollo, that we can’t find a nice card for Father’s Day?” Instead, on the shelves we found the most colourful and decorated cards for… Mother’s Day! “Huh??”

Then we realized… We found out that in the UK Mother’s Day is in March, not in May as in Italy, and that Father’s Day is in June, not in March as in Italy!!!

With this new awareness, we decided to craft by ourselves a special card for daddy, an origami shirt-and-tie card, an irresistible classic. We just needed an A4 paper sheet for the shirt and a 10×10 cm decorative paper for the necktie.

Free printable instructions found on the internet, here are our final results!

This year we made again for daddy the same cute origami card, and my “crafty messy son” 😊, a geek for technology, made for you stop-motion videos on how to craft the origami shirt and the tie. Sorry for the dancing logo, it is an extra, and it was too late when I noticed it…

How to make an origami shirt video

How to make an origami tie video

Finally, we added just some embellishments: a pocket and two little buttons. It only remains to open the card and to write down the sweetest message ever for daddy!


Enjoy this papercraft and Happy Father’s day!!!

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