I have to say that Autumn half-term is always a bit overwhelming for me. Bad weather, friends often away or at clubs, both of my children mostly of the time at home with me playing full of beans, teasing each other and screaming all day long every day, when the evening come I am exhausted. Last year, however, I arrived prepared at half-term, planning and carrying out various Halloween-themed craft activities that involved my big boy and at the same time kept my little one busy. I am going to repeat this year!

Giant pop-up haunted castle

One day we created the main piece of our Halloween decoration for home: a giant pop-up castle. Lollo was intrigued by a pop-up Halloween card as seen on his book 365 things to make and do, Parragon 2012. “Why do not we make it giant?” I suggested, thinking of a maxi box that was in the garage. Lollo and his friend who was with us that day were immediately enthusiastic. We searched the garage for that box, we found it. We started opening it, flattening, cutting, painting with ready-mixed tempera paint. Fortunately, the not-too-bad weather allowed us to work outside in the garden. My little girl helped me to paint the grass (the patio is still emerald green!). A light breeze was providential to let the paint dry quickly. Working on a giant pop-up haunted castle | craftymessymom Once dried, we pushed the tower forward and decorated it. The decorations, toilet-roll mummies and 3D pen spider webs are entirely children’s creations. Halloween crafts - giant pop-up castle | craftymessymom The mummies are made of toilet-roll tubes, white tissue paper, adhesive gauze bandage and string (from the book The toilet roll activity book. Over 30 wonderful things to create. Buster Books, 2015). Halloween crafts - toilet- roll mummies | craftymessymom Cobwebs and spiders were an original creation by my “crafty messy son” made with his amazing 3D printing pen and clear/black filaments. Halloween crafts - 3D pen spider webs | craftymessymom

Pumpkin carving ideas

We also invariably dedicate a day of Autumn half-term to pumpkin carving to create creepy Jack-o-lanterns for the forthcoming “trick or treat”. Last year we were inspired by pumpkins in different sizes. Halloween crafts - pumpkin carving | craftymessymom And this year? I would like to challenge myself with a more elaborate design, or a geometric pattern. For little hands an idea can be to use Halloween cookie cutters. Pumpkin carving tools at the ready and have fun!
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