A few days after creating our own Halloween home-decor items, my little girl, who loves to help me in the kitchen, was involved in preparing the treats to share in a party we were invited to: a Ghost Brownie and a Pumpkin Quiche with bats.  Halloween food - Ghost Brownie | craftymessymom.com Halloween food - Pumpkin Pie with bats | craftymessymom.com For another occasion we made a Sugar Skull Brownie cut out of a rectangular brownie and then decorated with sugar paste (ready-to-roll icing). For the brownie recipe have a look at the post (Almost like) Tao’s brownie. Halloween Food - Sugar Skull Brownie | craftymessymom.com All for us were Scary Choc Chip Muffins. Inspired by an image on the web, my son and I modelled creepy creatures out of ready-to-roll icing  and used them to add a spooky touch to one of our favourite easy-to-bake homemade treats, the muffins. Here my recipe. Halloween Food - Scary Choc Chip Muffins | craftymessymom.com On the 31st October, for dinner, I put some “mummies” meatballs to the table (Saucy mummified meatballs from the magazine Food Family living – Tesco – October 2014) that surprised the kids and daddy too! Halloween Food - Mummy Meatballs | craftymessymom.com You can buy ready-to-cook tagliatelle otherwise you can have lots of fun in making handmade fresh egg pasta from scratch with your children! Here is my recipe.

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Halloween food - pin | craftymessymom.com