After making creepy crafts as ornaments for the house and baking and decorating spooky treats, making frightening Halloween costumes could not be missing! The idea was – as usual – to recycle materials I had already at home. About craft techniques, the quickest the best! And of course, to get my elder child excited about Halloween dress-up I let him design his own costume.

Black Cat Costume

My little girl told me some time ago: “When we go to Halloween, I want to wear my black kitten costume”. So I readjusted the cat costume that I had prepared for her last year: it was enough to unstitch my cat applique from her out-grown t-shirt and re-sew it onto a new. The headband with cat ears and the tail, both made by me by crocheting black wool yarn, still worked perfectly! For the cat ears I used Zoecreates’ free pattern. For the tail, I started crocheting a chain of 40 chain stitches and then I worked on it 5 rows of single chains stitches. I joined the long sides with stitches and lastly I sewed the tail on the middle of the back hem of a black t-shirt. Halloween Costumes - Black Cat |

Mad Scientist Costume

Lollo was completely original, inventing his very own costume: a Mad Scientist. A long, white shirt of mine has been turned into a lab coat. We created and applied a radiation warning sign on the lab coat back. The final touch was a stuffed mouse as a laboratory rat up one shoulder! Double glasses, laboratory badge, bugs in the pockets were essential – but carefully chosen – accessories by Lollo. And his mum, later, following scrupulously his instructions, realized his spectral face painting. Halloween costumes - Mad Scientist | However, the highlight of the costume, he said, had to be a heart that could be pulled out of the chest! We created it with the technique of simplified papier-mache. We juxtaposed layers of newspaper strips dipped in a mixture of PVA glue and water onto a rolled-up paper core and hoses pieces secured with paper tape. Once dried, we painted it with acrylic colours. Halloween Costumes - Mad Scientist heart | And now, how to make the heart removable from its physiological position, the chest? I used strips of velcro to fasten the papier-mache heart to Lollo’s vest. On it, he wore a t-shirt with a vertical cut at the heart level. From this opening he could extract his heart… Very pulp, isn’t it? This is our creation, anatomist friends, forgive us the approximations made!

Sugar Skull Costume

For the kids, everything was ready for trick-or-treating. With the excuse that my little girl would have liked to join her brother and his friend in the streets of the neighbourhood, and of course she could not go alone, I NEEDED my own Halloween costume too! I loved so much the computer-animated films “The book of life” (2014) and “Coco” (2017) that they inspired me. I designed my own Catrina costume, the icon of the Mexican Day of the Dead, also known as Sugar Skull, Dapper Skeleton, Elegant Skull, Calavera Catrina, La Muerte. Here is my personal version of the Elegant Skull in the flesh, I mean, only in bones… oh well, I was more in the flesh… 😉 About the accessories? Skeleton gloves and knee socks are a must-have! I created a garland of roses from a red/pink silk scarf and red satin strips simply rolled them up and then fastened with some stitches. Red netting and matching ribbons completed the composition. Similarly, I create the black roses of the headband out of black satin.

Dad or Mum…my?

Super easy, last-minute costume idea for daddy! You need just a mummified T-shirt, I found one in a supermarket, alternatively you can draw the bandage on a white one with black permanent markers. Gauze bandage or toilet paper for the head made the rest! Halloween Costumes - Mummy |

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