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My Ancient Roman!

The Ancient Roman costume, a truly classic, is one of the quickest-to-make costume among the do-it-yourself ones. I can tell you for sure, because I remembered just the day before that there would have been the Roman Day at school!

I made this costume completely recycling stuff at home, such as cloths in the wardrobe and items found in my dedicated archives (paper/plastic waste bin, recycled gift-ribbons box…)

This dress has been – astutely – recycled later for the Shakespeare Day at school when my son decided to impersonate Marco Antonio in the “Julius Caesar” tragedy.

You will need

  • white L/XL t-shirt,
  • 3 m golden ribbon
  • 1.5 x 1.5 m red square scarf (or bed flat sheet or wide cut of fabric)
  • 1.5 m gold twist cord
  • beige/ camel/ nude-colour trousers/ leggings/ tights
  • two 20 cm branches of bay leaves tied by an elastic band
  • gold cardboard and a round brooch


  • golden or white sewing thread
  • sewing machine (I use this one) or needle for hand-sewing
  • scissors
  • glue or clear tape

How to make

A large white T-shirt from my husband’s wardrobe (without him noticing) with a golden ribbon hand-sewed on all the hems became the tunica. A red scarf of mine, fixed with a golden doubloon (from a smoked salmon cardboard!!!), glued on an old round brooch, was put on like a pallium. For the bottom, I offered my son a pair of “naked” tights, but there was no way to make him wear them, so he put his beige trousers on. A laurel wreath, made of two bay leaves branches from the neighbour’s tree (also in this case without her noticing! 😉 ), completed the Ancient Roman Costume.

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