I wrote CW – not CV – on purpose. Let me explain why…

I wrote and wrote my Curriculum Vitae trying to explain my diverse range qualifications: after a 5-year degree in Biology I earned a post-graduate degree in Advanced Industrial Design, I worked with disabled students at university and then specialized in the e-learning sector, gaining a PhD in E-learning and Knowledge Management and working for many years in this area. Recently, I got a qualification in Skills for Working in Creative and Design Industries.

Surprisingly, today I find out that over the years the common thread has always been the desire to create something with my hands, for me or for others, so now I will talk about my Creative Way.

My “crafty” nature manifested itself very soon. I was six years old when I hand-embroidered doilies and cushions in the 3-month long summer holiday in Italy. The embroidery classes run by the nuns of the only pre-school in my village in the heart of Italy was the only summer club for the local girls. And my only Barbie had an enviable wardrobe of outfits that I sewed with my mom.

personalised rag dolls at craftymessymom.comStudying at high school, I created and gave my friends salt dough creations, rag dolls and jeans handbags. I painted hundreds of nativity scene statues made by a local craftsman. I also created crocheted hats and mini oil paintings of the four seasons… and apples (at that time I was obsessed with apples, I don’t know why :-)).

After graduation I got lost and then saw my way. Thanks to painting I found again the light and the colours inside of me. From 2001 to 2011 I painted several oil paintings of various sizes, many on commission.  Some were shown in solo and group exhibitions. But this is another story, which I tell you in the post Oil on canvas landscapes.

dress-up-fun-craftymessymomWith the birth of my first child, the introduction of separate waste collection and the accumulation of recyclable materials at home, I went wild with up-cycling. With plastic bags, boxes and cartons, water bottles and yogurt bottle, newspapers and magazines my son and I created robots, various decorations, a whole nativity scene, paper mache sculptures, piñatas… And we went bananas also with the creation of masks and costumes, face-painting and cake decoration!

Tuccia Creations bags at craftymessymom.com

Our relocation to the United Kingdom saw the beginning of a beautiful friendship and collaboration in a creative and ecological project. My friend introduced me to the “fettuccia”, an up-cycled yarn from cotton jersey, which we used to create crocheted handbags and purses. We became passionate and Tuccia Creations was born. You can still see our creations with the “fettuccia” on the Facebook page Tuccia Creations.

Another beautiful surprise in British territory was the birth of my second child, a girl, ​​who has upset all the family balance but has also brought us so much happiness and has thrown us into a world of pink clouds. I’m really having fun creating rag dolls, play sets, girly accessories, fancy dresses and scrapbooks for my cheeky-monkey-fairy-ballerina.

What’s next? Find out who I dedicate this blog to in the dedication, or who I pay homage to, or just skip to a post in one of the categories in the Post Topics menu.