Hello everyone!

My name is Marzia, nice to meet you!

I am Italian and in 2012 I followed my husband to the United Kingdom, where he got a job, and where we still live. I left my job in Italy in the sector of e-learning and stopped painting too. My new job was to support the family settlement in a new country, especially for our 4 y-o boy’s school and social life. In this atmosphere of adaptability and change, creativity came out in new forms, from sewing and crochet, to cooking and doing art and craft with my child.

With the birth of the second child, a girl, handmade crafts flourished, and this gave me the input to share my creations with you.

Recently, I fully returned to visual arts and now I am a happy hybrid mum-artist to two children, an endless source of inspiration and playful co-creation.


At this point you know why I defined myself as crafty and as a mom. And what about messy? I can tell you that I am also the messiest person in the family, more than my kids! The brain storming phase of a craft project is messy and so the creative process itself, with all the archives of materials emptied on the table – or the floor – for inspiration or while painting, crafting or kneading…

I am messy, yes, but well organised! Tools and materials are sorted and arranged into categories; a bit of planning ahead is often necessary for a more articulate project, for example splitting the steps in daily sessions of 30 minutes to 2 hours maximum not to overload the child’s attention span.

My philosophy is to take care in setting up a hands-on activity with kids – plastic table-floor covers, aprons, trays, washable paint – and don’t let the worry about the mess limit your/your children’s creativity. If something goes wrong, don’t worry, everything can be cleaned, washed or tidied up at the end. And mistakes can turn into something unexpectedly special!

More info about my background in the post My CW (it’s not a typo) or skip to a post in one of the main categories: Art and Craft, Cooking with kids, Fancy Dress Costumes, Needlecrafts and Visual Arts.

Since I started with in 2018, a lot of things have happened… I tell you about them in these posts:

Enjoy this journey with my children and me and our colouful creations, and enjoy the messy process of making things together!

Love, Marzia

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