Cooking with kids

Hands-on recipes to try with your children

This is not another cooking blog, I will simply share basic, traditional, Italian dough recipes with you, giving you and your kids a full hands-on experience with authentic Italian textures and flavours!

Find fun and original cake decoration ideas, with related basic cake recipes, in another kids-intriguing section in the Cooking with kids category.

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Why not take the opportunity in the kitchen to practise some Maths with your school age kids?

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For each recipe/cooking activity I also suggest some CraftyMessyMom’s Maths Cookies – simple questions to practise Maths at home (in the kitchen!), in accordance with Maths Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs). You can find further info about KIRFs and useful applications on the website Conkers Maths.

The journey in my kitchen begins with the introductory post Cooking with my children – hands-on recipes followed by:

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