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This category includes sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery and quilting projects such as baby room décor items, fashion accessories for kids, play sets, soft toys, all handmade with love!

Even if they are mostly “mom makes” you can find in this category ideas to carry out easy handcraft projects to do with your kids.

Have you noticed that when your children see you making something, usually they ask to join you? It always happens with mine!!!

So, over the years I have always tried to adapt, for example, a sewing work, to the skills of my children to let them “help” me.

With some precautions, such as double threading and adult supervision, it is possible for the little ones to hand sew! It is advisable to start sewing around age 5-6. In the pictures above my little girl was 3, but she is an exception! 😊

These kinds of activities are enjoyable and can keep the kids occupied for a while, but overall they are beneficial to young kids: sewing, for example, improves kids’ hand-eye coordination, it teaches how to plan and organise (make a design, work in steps) and some maths too (like measuring)!

With elder children you can also propose to use the sewing machine! They will love it!

The materials we use are felt, fabric, cotton yarn, T-shirt yarn, wool.

I offer my expertise to teach you or your children one of these needlecraft techniques. Also, you can order from me one of the articles featured in my shop.

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