Visual Arts

Experiment with art techniques, express yourself and have fun!

Painting and “making” have always been part of my life. Practicing art – and in general doing something creative – is for me a joy and a need.

I have experienced first-hand how making art – any kind of visual art – can be a helpful form of self-expression and relaxation. It boosts creativity and self-confidence. Why don’t you try too?

Over the years I experimented different art media, techniques and subjects. My interests ranged from classic oil-on-canvas pieces to the millimetric precision of linocut/ ink-printed designs; from the powdery smoothness of soft pastels for landscapes and portraits to the buttery and bright strokes of oil pastels for geometric drawings, from clay modelling to arrive at torn paper collage portraits.

In this blog category I will show you the basics of each art technique, useful tips, my best artworks and related activities to do with children.

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