At the beginnings of 2021 I attended an online art course, Fun with portraits, with the artist and illustrator Sasha DeWitt.

I have some past experience in making portraits with oil colours on canvas, graphite and soft pastels, but this course really opened my mind: we explored new – unthinkable for me – approaches to portraiture, from collage to clay, from scribble portraits to colourful faces with text.

I found out that I love the torn paper collage technique. I like the idea of recycling scraps of paper into something else, in this case into portraits. I re-use packing paper, wrapping paper, magazines, newspaper and old books. It takes a lot of time and patience but for me it is relaxing and rewarding: piece by piece a face come out in an unexpected way.

I enjoy adding personality to a portrait, gluing scraps/images in the background and/or thinking of a text that in some way refer to the person potrayed, using sometimes non-natural skin tones. Playing with colours and texts gives me great freedom of expression and satisfaction.

I enjoyed imagining myself as an animal. I share physical and personality traits with a Cooker Spaniel dog, at the same time I would like to be agile, snappy and elegant as a lynx, but my son sees me as a mum bear: strong, protective but also bulky and grumpy! 😊

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Activity for kids – Make your own self-portrait

My daughter, looking at me making portraits, was so intrigued by the collage process that she wanted to do one too.

So, after a careful study of one of her photos of her, I prepared an underdrawing where I mapped the different skin/hair tones, labelling them with numbers. Any number corresponded to a different coloured paper. She tore off the pieces of paper and then she glued them on the underdrawing.

Here is her self-portrait. She dit it!

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