In the post From painting to handcrafting I told you that in the past I often felt the need to express myself by painting, but I had to deal with the lack of a dedicated space, little time available and child caring. So, over the time, I tried to find a compromise between the desire to create something and a quicker creative craft – such as crochet, sewing, papercraft, sugar-craft – or child-friendly activities.

Now, after some years, I returned to my old passion, painting and drawing. Actually, my oil colours and canvases are still waiting in a box in the garage, but I started experimenting and enjoying new techniques and media, thanks to my two-year journey in art therapy and to an inspiring online art course. Over the months I tried soft pastels, oil pastels, lino-cutting/ink-printing, torn paper collages, clay sculptures, acrylic paint.

The subjects I like most are landscapes, abstract and geometric designs and, my absolute favourite, portraits.

I have experienced first-hand how making art – any kind of visual art – can be a helpful form of self-expression and relaxation. Why don’t you try too?

In the next posts, I will show you my favourite artworks along with some related activities to do with children.

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