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Dressing up: the joy of childhood!

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Over the year the children have several special occasions to get dressed up for, not only at Halloween or for Carnival, but also for fundraising events, such as Red Nose Day and Children in need, for World Book Day and for theme days at school – Roman Day, Shakespeare Day, Victorian Day, Tudor Day… And, of course, for school plays and assemblies, and sometimes for  themed birthday parties.

In addition to these scheduled occasions, I am sure you often see your children engage in dressing up and role-playing at home. So, why don’t you fill a dedicated box with costumes to encourage their imaginative play?

In the blog I share do-it-yourself costumes ideas with you. They include quick-to-make ones as well as more elaborate options for grown-ups keen on crocheting and/or sewing.

Sometimes a simple, well-designed face-painting can make a very effective mask! In the blog I will post ideas to inspire you.

I hope you will find this blog interesting and follow it!

Let’s start with an introduction, Does your child fancy… fancy dressing?  followed by the blog posts:

Have fun!