neverland-masqueradeLast year, for the Carnival party organized by the Italian families community in my town, I proposed a group masquerade, Peter Pan &Co., with the idea to “recycle” the costumes for the forthcoming World Book Day. My son was Peter Pan, my little girl Tinkerbell. For a young friend I adapted a pirate costume into a Captain Hook one.

1. Peter Pan costume

Neverland Masquerade | Peter Pan costume - recycled items - at craftymessymom.comFor my son, Peter Pan, I made a very easy-to-make, cheap, last-minutes costume, mostly from stuff I had at home. I only bought an olive-green t-shirt at a pound shop and 5 A4 felt sheets at a craft shop: grey, dark brown, camel and 2 dark green. From my wardrobe: brown leggings, beige boots, a green turtleneck shirt and a belt.

I started by cutting the green t-shirt at the bottom and on the sleeves to give it a fringe look. Done, the tunic is ready!

I made Peter Pan’s hat out of two green felt sheets, from which I cut out two half flat cone shapes and I sewed them by hand, then I folded the base and sewed a feather on. It was white initially, my son coloured it in red with a permanent marker.

The dagger and its sheath are made of felt too. I traced and cut dagger handles from light brown felt and blades from grey felt, then I sewed the twin pieces together. I put some filling into the handle for a better handhold. Then I made a dagger sheath out of dark brown felt with a belt loop. And this is the result!

Neverland Masquerade | Peter Pan costume - accessories - at

Free patterns (printable pdf size A4): hat, dagger and sheath.

2. Tinkerbell costume

The Tinkerbell dress up for my little girl is a variant of her fairy-ballerina costume. Do you remember it? I reused its white tulle tutu, the fairy wings and the wand. I just made the dress from scraps: a white long-sleeve t-shirt, a piece of white jersey cotton and… a round green nonwoven fabric used by florists!

Firstly, I made the green tutu just cutting zig zags out of the round rim of the nonwoven fabric to give it a floral look. I cut out a circle in the middle, folded the seam, sewed and put inside an elastic band. With the trimmings I made many leaves then used to decorate an elastic belt and the top. In particular, for the top, I sewed all the small “leaves” in rows to a white scrap of jersey, that I hand sewed to a white top (the idea was to reuse the applique in the future onto bigger t-shirt).

The fairy wand had a new look with more green decorations, to match Tinkerbell costume colours.

Neverland Masquerade | Tinkerbell costume by craftymessymom

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