“Really??? Is there no Carnival before Easter in the United Kingdom?” was my naive and surprised reaction to the discovery that no one here knew of this celebration.

In my native country, Italy, and in many others of Catholic or Orthodox tradition, Carnival is a festive season that occurs during February or early March and ends on Shrove Tuesday. It is the most popular and beloved feast among the kids, because it involves masks, costumes, community masquerade parties, public parades and special sweet treats.

In my Region, my grannies used to prepare for Carnival Cicerchiata, Frappe (called Chiacchiere in other Italian Regions) and Castagnole and my mom sewed for me, my sister and my brother original fancy dresses every year. I couldn’t wait for the Carnival to arrive all year-long!

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“Frappe” or “Chiacchiere”

The community of Italian families in my British town runs a Carnival party every year so that the children will not lose this tradition. And I thank them for that!

However, I soon discovered that in Britain over the year children have several occasions to get dressed up for, not only for Halloween: for fundraising events, such as the Red Nose Day and the Children in need Day, but also for the World Book Day and theme days at school (Roman Day, Shakespeare Day). And, of course, for school plays or assemblies, and for themed birthday parties. Not to mention how often at home they informally dress up and engage in role-play. Don’t they? Well, have you ever thought of making a box available with all their costumes and accessories inside, so they can mix and match them in an infinite number of ways? In this blog I will post different ideas to fill that box!

In this category you will find a collection of do-it-yourself costumes. They include quick-to-make ones (and last-minute, because my son tells me just the day before or I find the time – or I remember it – right at the last moment) as well as more elaborated options, for moms keen especially on crocheting and sewing.

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